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EzInvest Broker Review

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Ezinvest is a European online broker that provides a modern and secure environment for investors and traders in over 45 countries to trade various financial products. The broker platform has been available to customers since 2013, and it has had continuous success since its introduction. The success is mainly due to the platform's focus on superior quality, transparency, security and, most importantly, a comprehensive selection of available alternatives for its customers. Currency Trading asserts that EzInvest offers a sophisticated but user-friendly trading platform for low spreads and rapid trade execution. EzInvest is a name among many others in the market. Still, it is a particularly enticing alternative for traders interested in forex trading, metals, crypto trading, and trading in general regarding secure and affordable online trading options.

EzInvest Review

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 When contrasted with many of EzInvest's competitors, whose websites sometimes include an abundance of information and crowded design, EzInvest's website is relatively straightforward and uncomplicated in appearance.

The ease of obtaining an overall perspective and navigating the website produces a positive first impression. The website is totally in Swedish and has hundreds of different instruments, three distinct trading platforms, multiple different account levels, and competitive spreads. EzInvest has a great deal of allure, and it is simple to comprehend why — in recent years, the website has become a favourite for a significant number of traders both within and outside of the EU.

With all instruments included, the total assets now approach 400. Although it is not the most effective option available, the website has more than enough for most uses. You won't have to go far to get almost everything you need.

According to EzInvest, the company's primary purpose and ambition are to create and deliver customised instruments and solutions that are not available anywhere else, which will enable customers to take their trading to a whole new level. This approach will allow customers to take advantage of EzInvest's proprietary technology.

EzInvest is more than an excellent choice for those focused on currency trading and who want plenty of opportunities in that market. About 190 of the approximately 410 instruments are forex pairs, making EzInvest roughly 410 instruments. The website's users use CFDs for trading the assets in question at spreads that are both competitive and rapid to execute.


 Leverage is a feature that many brokers provide to traders. With leverage, traders may establish more significant positions, giving them more exposure to the market despite their original outlay. Now that EzInvest is an EU-regulated broker registered with CySEC, the highest leverage available conforms with EU regulations. 1:30 leverage is a massive amount of leverage.

Most importantly, the EU's leverage rules apply to individual traders who establish a basic account. Professional traders may choose between the Gold Account and the Premium Account, which provide leverage of up to 1:200.


 Registration with EzInvest is entirely free and similar to the vast majority of other long and short selling brokers. You can also start trading with a "dummy" account right away. Nevertheless, you must deposit a minimum amount to trade. The amount varies depending on the account type.

For example, the minimum amount in your account should be 1000 EUR. In comparison, the maximum balance for the Gold package is 25 000 EUR, while the total balance for the Premium package is 100 000 EUR.

Other variations exist in trading costs across the different account categories, including the following:

The platform does not charge currencies. However, shares cost one per cent, crypto costs half of that and futures cost ten euros per group. The first point of reference is a spread of 2.7 pip.
Gold spreads begin at 1.1 pip on each side. The commission has not changed since it was established at the start of the project.
Spreads for premium accounts start as low as 0.3 pips. In all other respects, the conditions are the same, except for a EUR 7 transaction fee for currencies other than Start and Gold.

EzInvest does not charge deposits and withdrawals, but your chosen service provider may deduct fees from your account.


 +Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission regulates Ezinvest (CySEC).
+Excellent currency trading option with over 190 FX pairs accessible.
+User-friendly platform
+Ezinvest provides live chat customer service.
+Ezinvest does not charge withdrawal fees.
+Ezinvest provides copy trading services.
+Great training materials and tools
+Scalping is possible using Ezinvest.
+Hedging is possible with Ezinvest.
+Excellent smartphone app that ranks among the best in its category.


 -Ezinvest does not offer guaranteed stop losses.
-The site charges inactivity fees.
-Ezinvest does not offer negative balance protection.
-The site demands a relatively hefty minimum deposit.
-Ezinvest does not offer social trading.


 As a trading platform, EzInvest utilises both the time-tested MT4 platform and the cutting-edge Sirix WebTrader - the latter is exclusive to Sweden. Desktop, online through EzInvest Sirix Webtrader and the company's mobile app are the three distinct trading environments available to users.

When it comes to online trading in financial markets, MetaTrader 4 is the most popular choice. The platform provides the option for auto trading, many built-in tools, assistance in developing one's trading methods and tools, various time units and a great deal more. MT4 is a user-friendly and easy-to-use platform, despite its numerous features and powerful tools. You may need a few days to familiarise yourself with the UI, but it is straightforward.

When you purchase on Sirix, the process is streamlined and straightforward. The platform provides you with access to a wide variety of cutting-edge tools, a comprehensive overview and the option to personalise diagrams and settings according to your preferences.


 Support is accessible through phone, email, live chat and a comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions section.
EzInvest provides technical help via the most popular communication methods, including over the phone, email, instant messaging on the website and live chat. The business is open from 9:00 am to 22:00 (GMT +2) on weekdays, and response times are often relatively quick. It would have been ideal if the support could be accessible even on weekends; nevertheless, the FAQ section provides the required answers.

The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section consists of several distinct parts and categories, making it perhaps one of the finest and most comprehensive European brokers. As a consumer or prospective customer, you can search for and get answers to queries that range from the ordinary to the uncommon. Also, technical and practical concerns about logging in, registering, and other security aspects are welcome.



Where exactly are the offices of EZInvest situated?

EZInvest has offices in various locations throughout the globe; for further information, you can visit the Contact us page on their website.

Are my financial transactions and personal information secure?

EZInvest operates inside a regulatory system that is quite stringent. Since all client funds are maintained in separate accounts, your investments will always be safe regardless of what happens to your money. The company also pledges to take all necessary precautions to protect the confidentiality of your information.

Should I expect to pay taxes on the money I make?

You are solely responsible for meeting any tax obligations. Reference should be made to the law that applies in your location, or you should look for assistance elsewhere.

Would you report it to the appropriate authorities if I make a profit?

Only in the case when it is mandated by the laws or regulations of the relevant area.

When will my profile be verified, and how long will it take?

After uploading all of your papers, verifying your profile might take 20 minutes, during regular business hours, to 24 hours.No news about EzInvest available.