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Get started in 10 seconds with world-class short selling through CFDs from Skilling. Here are a great range of instruments to go short or long with the click of a button. This rather new broker allow shorting of shares, cryptocurrencies, currencies, commodities and indices with CFD's, all having ultra low spreads. With bankID, you can get started and verified much quicker. Everything is extremely well explained, in a smooth and neat trading platform. You can search all day, but will never find an equally good place to short equity as on Skilling's trading platform. Try the superior short selling CFD broker called Skilling today!

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The world's best broker for short selling shares, commodities and crypto with CFD's? According to us at Short Selling, Skilling is actually the best broker for shorting the markets with help of CFDs. They make trading simple, for everyone. Skilling also got the fastest execution speed among all brokers for short selling! But how was the company started?

Well, some of the sharpest entrepreneurs in Scandinavia have joined forces and launched Skilling, an innovative online trading broker that provide state of the art short selling opportunities with CFD's. Sweden's well known entrepreneur Henrik Persson Ekdahl from Optimizer Invest is one of the well known names behind Skilling. André Lavold from Optimizer Invest took over the position as CEO in 2019 and together with Henrik. They invested heavily and taken in other investors as well, to simplify everything with currencies, commodities and equity CFD trading online. We call it the hottest and most important launch of a new short selling broker for Europeans. All European clients now get up to 30x leverage on most short selling positions with CFD's.

Skilling's goal is to make it extremely simple to get started with online trading broker. believe they succeeded with their major goal, already after being live for about one year with their new site. Scandinavian clients can create a demo account in 10 seconds and test short selling themselves. Account verification, which is often the most complicated for online traders, can be completed in another 30 seconds with the help of bankID. This often takes a lot longer with other equity trading brokers.

They also makes it incredibly easy to get an overview of all trading positions and costs at Skilling, which is often difficult with competitors. What does it cost to hold a short selling position for 1 day or say 1 week? It totally depends on the share you selected and the amount, but all can be seen instantly from Skillings backend without any further clicks needed. The company is extremely helpful with information for new traders. Their "trading academy" got 54 lessons, which you can go through to improve your trading skills. We recommend anyone who is a beginner or intermediate short selling trader to carefully read through Skilling's academy as a supplement to our own shorting school.
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 For Scandinavians, Brits, European and all other clients: up to 30x leverage are provided on invested capital in short selling for currency CFDs. Skilling's leverage when trading commodities such as shorting brent oil is 10x. For Crypto trading by CFD's, shorting is limited to maximum 2x leverage since the market moves much quicker.


 The fees and costs for Skilling are very reasonable and generous. You have a minor charge for inactivity like all short selling CFD brokers have, but there is no requirement for how much you need to buy. One trade a year is enough and the inactivity charge is very rarely used and implemented.

You can easily get started with €100 as the minimum deposit amount. However, in short selling the market can go up and down a bit and we already recommend clients to have a decent margin for trading, since you never know if the market may go against you for a short period of time. Skilling's spread is among the lowest in the market when you count the actual spread that you use as a trader.
Why? Well, Skilling give you minimal re-quotes on their prices, while competitors often change prices to a greater extent. So give Skilling a try for your short selling today!


+ Get started in just 10 seconds! Fastest of all short selling brokers with CFD's.
+ Incredibly stylish and user-friendly online trading site with many smart features.
+ First, offer BankID for account verification.
+ Unambiguous to see borrowing and exposure for short selling positions.
+ Really good trading school covering over 50 lessons about indicators and trading in general.


- Skilling could have had more exotic currencies to trade with.
- The don't offer islamic short selling accounts yet.


The new online trading broker Skilling offers a unique, in-house created platform. Most people would perhaps be worried about this, a new platform that's built by themselves? Well, it's not built by just anyone. It's created by Optimizer Invest, one of the most connected investors in Europe with incredible contacts. Being the leaders in many Scandinavian projects within entertainment, they decided that trading need to be available for everyone and it should be simple to get started. Said and done, they put in a couple of millions and connected the top team you can imagine in from Scandinavia, including the old CEO of the Swedish Google. The results: An outstanding platform for trading, that is quicker, better and more user friendly than other short selling sites and average brokers. They got a straight forward pricing, so you can see exactly how much it cost to hold a short selling position for 1 day, instantly. You also get amazing information about history, leverage and open positions on Skilling.

To put it simple: They take online trading to a new level, with clear information about everything, just like it should be. Their search function is lightening fast and a great advantage when trying to find a stock to go short in or some commodities to buy with CFDs.

Give Skilling a demo test run and discover a new level of trading!


 Skilling Limited is Scandinavian-owned fintech company which gives you access customer support in English, Norwegian, Swedish and German, during working hours of the day (between 08:00 and 21:00 CET for live chat and between 08:00 and 17:00 CET for phone support from Monday to Friday). During night time and evenings, there might only be English support available.

Their support is very friendly and accommodative. They will quickly answer any questions you might have about short selling shares, indices and commodities with CFD's, along with clarifications about costs or any technical issues you might face. Use their live chat, email or telephone support option.


 *Is Skilling a reliable short selling broker?
Skilling has been launched in 2019. Skilling Group of companies is EU-regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (licence Number: 357/18).

Although they started working on Skilling in 2015, it is owned by leading tech gurus from Sweden with the former Swedish Google boss as co-founder. The company is EU-regulated from Cyprus.

This means that they follow strict rules and regulations set up by the EU, such as the customer's money being in a separate account from the company's money. Skilling is not a scam, rather one of the market's absolute leading players when it comes to ease of use, language, spreads and order execution speed. Get started with short selling CFD's on Skilling today!