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Interview with the founder of Safememe – A new crypto currency

May 15, 2021 18:15
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Today, got the pleasure to interview Ilan, the founder of the crypto currency called SafeMeme.

If you haven't heard about SafeMeme before, it's because this coin launches today and already got 5873 members on Telegram and over 30 000 followers on TikTok (@ceoguy). The approach is seriously different, with profits from every transaction going to the current coin owners. Everyone that's been trading with crypto know that fees can be significant. However, SafeMeme will launch on the BSC-chain and be live on PancakeSwap, so the fees will be very reasonable. You can find the SafeMeme white paper here and the token address on BSC Scan.

Let's start and see why Ilan decided to launch a new cryptocurrency coin and what makes it different from the 5000+ other coins out there.

Safememe logo

How come you started with Crypto?

Good Question! See, most people still believe that careers should and do develop in one industry, however that is incredibly misleading.

I started my entrepreneurial journey a long time back, in mostly unrelated industries such as e-commerce and real estate.

Nonetheless being an entrepreneur isn’t always about starting a business in the industry you are familiar with, it is about spotting opportunity.

When i started my crypto journey 8 years back I was not sure where it would lead me, however what I did see is the potential of this medium. It was absolutely clear in my eyes that Crypto was the big opportunity of our generation and I decided I absolutely wanted to be a part of it.

What is your background?

Actually my background is quite different from most. I guess I could say I have always been an entrepreneur at heart with a strong tech passion.

I started a small business when I was 12, repairing phones for friends and family. By 13 I had also expanded into dedicated servers. These were of course my first experiences and I learned a lot through them.

By 16 I had started getting invested in crypto, and I ended up moving to the US which gave me the possibility of expanding my horizons. I started an e-commerce business and proprietary beauty brand and more recently entered the realm of real estate.

Nonetheless I have never left the crypto scene, which is where my heart lies, and the current conditions gave me the perfect opportunity to start out my own project.

How does SafeMeme differ from other Crypto currencies?

With the 2021 bullrun the crypto scene is quickly saturating. it is difficult to pinpoint a project that is absolutely singular in every aspect as there are thousands popping out every day.

This incredible gold-fever, coupled with the anonymity and decentralisation of crypto, has, however, created a perfect environment for the flourishing of scams. Both myself and the members of the team i have been working with have been victimised by these criminals and have hence come up with SAFEMEME, with the objective of creating a safer environment for investors.

The high costs of audits and stringent terms of most exchanges and launchpads make it impossible for most small teams to gain access to their resources. There is no alternative for them and no one-stop shop.

What we aim to provide is this, an ecosystem of tools for community and small projects that do not have the resources to start on the main channels. This will give the teams a better platform, and at the same time will offer investors a protected environment in which to invest without the fear and stress of the current alternatives.

I'm glad you use BSC, meaning less fees. Was it an easy choice?

Do you consider any other blockchain integrations over time?

Ilan says: We are just starting out but of course we are not blind to the current crypto landscape. We will expand in any blockchain that has a need for SAFEMEME. The obvious choice for our second deployment is ETHEREUM and the ERC network, however with so many incredible players coming on the scene such as Solana, Matic, and Cardano, I do not exclude we might expand into more than one much sooner than expected.

Who handle your auditing?

We are currently starting up an audit with CERTIK. We know the process is longer and considerably more costly than the competition but after carefully evaluating the options we decided it would be a better investment longterm and a strong name that would help reinforce the legitimacy of the project.

Short Selling continues: I find it rather unusual to “bother” with an audit for most cryptocurrencies. Going with a reputable firm like Certik sounds like a good choice.

Does the last weeks delay and increased fees worry you for BSC or what do you think will happen here?

It is very difficult to say. The last few weeks have been tough for the whole space, I do not believe in 8 years I had ever seen so many negative events occur in such a short amount of time. Nonetheless it appears as though the market is already moving past them and recovering quickly.

Crypto has demonstrated being very resilient against all odds, so I am confident we will be back at full speed in the blink of an eye.

What advice would you give people that only invested in stocks or currencies before?

Stock have a much longer history than crypto as an investment medium, We have all read of the incredible riches that have been created during the past booms. My suggestion to investors is to consider that perhaps the next boom might not be in stock and to not wait for crypto to become fully mainstream prior to trying it. By the time everyone is on board it is already too late.

Obviously it is a risk, but the potential returns more than justify taking it, in my personal opinion.

Short Selling makes a comment: Love the idea with burned tokens and redistribution of the collected fees to current holders.. Each transaction triggers a 6% fee, where 2% is redistributed to all the current holders in proportion to their existing holdings, 2% will be burned, decreasing the token's total supply).

How did you come up with this idea?

I would like to take the merit of these tokenomics, however many tokens before us have implemented similar strategies. We are not trying to reinvent the wheel, and are following in the footsteps of projects that have performed well before us.

When do you think staking or farming Will be possible? Q3? Q4?

Any thoughts on which token to pair any potential farming with?

SafeMeme replies: We do not want to give away too much info at the moment, but stay tuned and join us on our socials….. I can only say we have a lot coming soon 😉