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Etoro US Broker Review

eToro Trading: License for US citizens
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Join the leading global crypto platform eToro USA. This is an excellent broker that will get you off the mark by allowing you to trade from the comfort of your home or by mobile, 24/7. All the major cryptocurrencies are available - both for buying or short selling - with spreads that are bearable. Getting started with eToro is very simple as they don't demand much. All you need is your bank id and details plus the national identification for the purpose of verification and you are all good. eToro is suitable for traders of all levels, be it a beginner or an expert. With classes that explain every detail simply and understandably, you will be left running to open an account to start trading immediately. Every user is guaranteed to have a great experience trading on this customer made platform which been around for over 20 years. Take a shot with the leading crypto trading broker eToro and earn more on your investments with great prices offered and the best markets for exchanges. Try Etoro now!

Etoro US Review

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 Being a forex trading leader and providing the best services does not just come out of the blues. It is hard work from the founders, and together with the support from the traders and regulators, this broker has become a great success. By using CFDs, we provide the best platform for short selling and give traders some of the best conditions and prices to go short, leaving everyone satisfied with the trade. This makes trading on the platform seem less effortless. The help of the fast implementation speeds also makes things run smoother between traders. All these benefits makes eToro the best broker. Here is a brief background on the leading social trading and multi-asset brokerage entity.

Three innovative minds partnered and founded eToro in 2007 as RetailFX in Israel. Two brothers Ronen Assia and Yoni Assia, and the third partner being David Ring. The main aim for starting eToro was to create a platform that dealt with financial trading, thus offering easy to use and convenient trading tools to traders of all levels. Over the years since when it was started, many financial trading services have been incorporated into eToro to make everything available in one place for easy access. In 2010, the copy trading feature was introduced, enabling traders to copy strategies of successful traders. The move to crypto was made in 2014 when eToro started bitcoin trading through CFDs. In 2018, it offered direct crypto trades. It has also made partnerships for crypto-based social trading.

eToro USA had a breakthrough in 2018 as they entered the US market by offering a good number of the most popular cryptocurrencies for trade, which increased to 15 with plans underway to add additional assets. With the rapid expansion, eToro provides the best financial trading platform worldwide for various commodities, shares, stocks, and cryptocurrencies, making it easier to go short or long with CFDs.

Get started with buying or shorting cryptos such as Ethereum and Bitcoin with help of the best in class platform - Try Etoro now!


 eToro charges differently when it comes to costs and fees when compared to other exchange and brokerage entities. It does not charge the traders commissions or fees for trading in their platform. The only costs come in the form of spreads fees (percentage of the selling price of an element) that usually vary depending on the instrument you are trading and the trade time. The spread fees charged by eToro might be slightly higher than other brokers, but they come with a low possibility of slippage. The only standard costs on eToro are;

Withdrawal fees. There is a constant small withdrawal fee of $5 on any withdrawals done. But for eToro club members and those with higher tier accounts, there are no
withdrawal fees Depositing is free on any amount.

There is also a small fee charged for being inactive for more than 12 months, just like other brokers in the cryptocurrency space. In our opinion, you will not find a better and more honest broker around for your Bitcoin, Ethereum and other crypto currencies. So what are you waiting for? Give Etoro US a try today!

PS. In case you are from Europe, then visit the European eToro instead.


 +Etoro US is simple and easy to master how to trade on the platform even if you are a beginner. From registration to withdrawal, it's just easy for everyone.
+Unique: The stunning copy trade feature allowing you to copy the trades of successful and excellent traders, enabling you to learn from pros and work as they do.
+eToro provides its users with a dummy account with $100 000. This is where you can practice your trades to prepare you to trade and invest with real money.
+It provides users with easy access as it is available on many platforms, including on mobile, where one can trade at any time when the markets are open.


 -Charges for inactivity. After being inactive for more than 12 months you will have to pay an inactivity fee.
-A constant withdrawal fees with a very slow withdrawal process. The withdrawal fee of $5, which is charged on every withdrawal, is a put-off.
-eToro USA currently limits traders in the US to trade on only cryptocurrencies.
-It does not offer the MT4 and MT5 trading platforms.


 eToro provides only three major platforms which are full of features with both having easy to use and understand interfaces.

eToro desktop platform. This is their own custom-made trading software developed and tested in-house to be downloaded and installed on desktop computers. It is available for both Windows and Mac OS. It contains all the major features and tools requires to perform all the trades one wants to take part in.

It has the portfolio copy feature, charting feature for monitoring prices, and accommodates all the 2000 elements available for trade.
eToro web version. This is just the desktop version that can be accessed through web browsers. It contains all features, tools, and functionalities contained in the desktop version.

Mobile trading platform. This platform gives you the chance to keep tabs on your investments anytime, anywhere. The eToro app and mobile web browser versions have been optimized to allow you to perform and access all the desktop version features and tools, taking your investment activities to the next level. You can make changes on your accounts without having to need to get to a desktop making things convenient.


 The customer support service is available to traders from Monday to Friday for 24 hours. There are many languages available, which is 19, but the most common are English, German, Spanish, French, and Italian. eToro provides its customer assistance through the following mediums, email, web-based live chats, and telephone support but not in all regions.



Is eToro USA a reliable broker for shorting?

Yes, both for short selling and buying. It allows one to open a short-selling position very quickly with favorable conditions to the traders.

Can I short sell oil here?

No. American clients can only trade oil with ETF's and futures, which are not available on eToro USA.

How does copy trading work on eToro USA?

It works by allowing you to monitor other traders' successful investments and allow you to replicate it on your account.

Is it worth it trading on eToro?

Yes, it is and even performs much better when compared to other competing brokers. With the main aim of eToro USA to make a platform that is easy to use for traders at all levels, it indeed has the trader's success in mind, thus making things simple. Just by checking the time eToro has been online, its financial trading services, tools, and its growth, one can know that it is legitimate. Additionally, the significant number of registered traders and customers, also indicates that it can be a success if you follow the tutorials of trade and know-how to trade crypto, built a crypto portfolio, buy certain assets or simply short sell crypto currencies. Explore how fun it is with a demo account at Etoro US today!No news about Etoro US available.