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Live crypto currencies

Looking for Bitcoin live prices or the current live price for Ethereum as well? Here we are showing you the average prices from a wide range of crypto currency portals with live rates by the milli-second. Below you can find the most recent live rates for some of the major crypto currencies.


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Ethereum Classic

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Crypto Currencies

Why is live rates for Cryptocurrencies of interest?

There are many possibilities why you would like to see the live price for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin or any other cryptocurrency. Perhaps you are writing an article about them and are looking for what Bitcoin might be trading at right now. Alternatively, you might be a trader that are looking for independent live data collected by professionals.

Who invest in Bitcoin and Ethereum?

A wide range of people are investing in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple and many other of the major cryptos. The reasons for investing might be risk diversification, that you believe in the blockchain and the need for alternative payment methods. All kinds of people put their money into cryptos, from tech savvy professionals to entrepreneurs, CEO's, hairdressers or the woman in the local shop. It's for everyone!

Bitcoin price

What is the price of Bitcoin today?

The price range of Bitcoin often varies over $1500 per day and can often change up to $500 or more in a matter of seconds. Having decent stop loss and take profit in place is therefore crucial for serious traders.

How can I successfully short sell Bitcoin?

Like everything in life, you need to study it carefully before taking any short selling positons. We also recommend that you discuss with a financial advisor. Many brokers have the option to do short selling on Bitcoin with CFD's, and often they even have other crypto currencies available. Some of the brokers that both educate day traders and short sellers alike, can be found on our broker page.

Bitcoin live prices in EURO or USD?

A majority of all platforms quote prices first and foremost in USD, so it will be BTC/USD. However, the recent years increased trust and holdings of the EURO by worldwide central banks have made it increasingly interesting to see live rates for Bitcoin in Euro. We are currently working to implement Bitcoin / EUR live prices and expect to have it live within one week.