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This is where you will find the most recent breaking news related to shorting stocks, the financial market or anything other relevant for you to know. Later you can normally find a full news post about the subject in our traditional news posts.

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     Uber executive and co-founder sell shares for $78.5MUber executive and co-founder sell shares for $78.5M
    Friday, 29 May 2020 16:26
    Days after recent Uber layoffs, two prominent executives of the firm sold off major share holdings. The executive woman sold half of holdings in Uber shares for $8.6M. Meanwhile, the co-founder Garrett Camp has sold off since march, 2020 for a total of $69.6. Uber share price rose 2.5% in early trading on Friday the 29th of May, 2020.

     Urban Outfitters Expecting a 60% Dip in Same-Store SalesUrban Outfitters Expecting a 60% Dip in Same-Store Sales
    Friday, 29 May 2020 16:11
    Urban Outfitters, Inc., the apparel retailer a few weeks ago predicted a 60% fall in its same-store sales in the 2nd quarter. The decline is because of the lukewarm demand recovery occasioned by the disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The disruptions have also caused Urban Outfitters share price to fall by as much as 4%, for the second day in a row.

    Despite having reopened close to 40% of the over 600 stores spread out across the globe, the Free People Brand Owner states the initial customer response is generally lethargic. It, however, remains hopeful that it will open a further 100 stores by the end of the first week of June.

    Richard Hayne, the Chief Executive Officer told analysts Urban Outfitters, Inc., that he believes it will take many quarters before sales can go back to the pre-virus levels. It’s also something predicated on when a medical cure or vaccine for COVID-19 is found. The brand also reported low preliminary results for its 1st quarter which ended 30th April, with many terming them as being worse than expected.

     Tiffany & Co. Reopens Doors to Its Australian-based BoutiqueTiffany & Co. Reopens Doors to Its Australian-based Boutique
    Friday, 29 May 2020 15:02
    Tiffany & Co shares open the day 0.5% down. The last few months have seen fashion stores shuttering across the world, as the stores moved to protect their customers and staff alike from contracting the coronavirus. It’s a move that saw the shopping experience at the brick and mortar stores come to a screeching stop. Most boutiques opted to direct their clients to their web portals.

    Tiffany & Co. is among the many boutiques that made the executive decision to close its stores when the pandemic hit. On March 18th, the company noted it would be acting per recommended health practices requiring it to adapt its stores as needed. But as the COVID-19 curve in Australia continues to flatten, the government has advised it’s safe to reopen physical stores.

    This is to mean this luxurious jeweler is ready to yet again reopen its stores. In addition to reopening its stores after the temporary closures, the jeweler also recently piloted a new offeringtitled Tiffany T. It did this via Instagram in the hopes of reconnecting with its loyal customers. You can follow the tag Tiffany T here.

     Look at Weed, Lack of GreedLook at Weed, Lack of Greed
    Friday, 29 May 2020 14:06
    Now, there are mostly one type of traders around for Canopy Growth Corp. Yes, we are talking about short sellers that seems to love this stock right now. The absence of greed for weed is obvious, and many predict that part of the market is overvalued.

    The volume for Canopy Growth is really high, already after less than 1 hour trading and the share price is down almost 19%. Keep track on the CGC shares to see how much down or up they are going today. Alternatively, if you like to trade cannabis on the stock market, try some blends from the new Markets website.

     Macys Intent on Raising $1.1 Billion in Form of Fresh FundsMacy’s Intent on Raising $1.1 Billion in Form of Fresh Funds
    Friday, 29 May 2020 14:04
    Macy’s Inc., the department store operator recently launched a fresh funding round meant to help it raise $1.1 billion in the form of bonds. Money raised from this round is meant to assist this hugely popular, but struggling retailer to overcome the effects of the coronavirus. Perhaps it could also help help Macy’s shares that fell 10% in early trading on Friday, the 29th of May, 2020.

    On 26th May 2020, the company sent out a press release indicating the bond sale proceeds would mainly go towards repaying previous borrowings. It intends to raise the money by issuing senior notes set to mature in 5 years (2025). The retailer noted the bond notes would be secured by 10 distribution centers and 35 stores around the country.

    This new bond offering is dependent on Macy’s making its way into a $3 billion credit facility. The facility is inclusive of a $300 million bridge credit facility whose term is set to expire in December 2020. Its $3 billion credit facility will mature in 2024, and the company intends to use its inventory to back it.

     Biggest short selling stock discussions of the dayBiggest short selling stock discussions of the day
    Thursday, 28 May 2020 20:50
    It’s been revealed that the big investor Michael Burry that was featured as Christian Bale in “The Big Short” has spent over $30 million on a couple of major short positions. He selected a few targets Facebook, Jack in the Box, Boeing Co and Michaels Companies. The latter one ended 9% down today.

    At the same time, Zoom Video ended the day up 1% to a valuation of 1942.4 in P/E. What about that valuation? How long will it last?

     Eli Lilly Shares Rise 4% - Getting close to ATHEli Lilly Shares Rise 4% – Getting close to ATH
    Thursday, 28 May 2020 14:05
    Eli Lily shares are starting the trading day in America upwards, over 4%. Now, the company is getting near the all time high (ATH) that was reached the 24th of April, 2020. Like most other drug companies, Eli Lily has been busy since the WHO classified COVID-19 as a global pandemic. The company has recently agreed a partnership with Shanghai Junshi Biosciences of China. The two firms are planning to start clinical trials of the antibody they have developed to combat the virus in the US and China.

    Junshi is handling most of the drug development processes and told reporters that it intends to seek approvals for human tests for one of the novel antibodies it has developed. Antibodies are defensive proteins that the body produces to fight harmful organisms in the body. The antibody has already been tested on rhesus monkeys. Speaking to the press on May 26, the Chinese company said that pre-clinical studies of the CA1 and CB6 antibodies had shown satisfactory ability to neutralize the virus. The results of these studies were published in Nature, a science journal. Junshi stated that it would only conduct human trials on CB6 because it had shown more potency in monkeys than CA1.

    Meanwhile, Eli Lily and Boehringer Ingelheim have partnered with Duke Clinical Research Institute (DCRI) on clinical trial of Jardiance (empagliflozin). The aim is to determine whether the drug improves the health of patients with acute myocardial infarction, popularly known as heart attack. They want to establish if the administration of this drug to adults with or without diabetes reduces the risk of heart failure. The two companies will fund the randomized clinical trials, while DCRI will handle the technical aspects of the project. The project dubbed, EMPACT-MI, includes around 3,300 adults from 16 countries who have suffered acute myocardial infarction. Myocardial infarction is the main killer of patients with cardiovascular complications, and the trial will test if the use of an SGTL2 inhibitor can reduce hospitalization and death rates in patients who had recent heart attacks.

     GSK shares goes up after strong Q1GSK shares goes up after strong Q1
    Thursday, 28 May 2020 12:35
    GSK shares start the day by rising 2% in early trading. Glaxo Smith Kline had a strong First Quarter earnings though they could not match its incredibly good returns for 2019. GSK’s current strategy is to grow its market share in the over-the-counter drugs category. It is the shareholder in Pfizer and also has strong in-house brands. The two companies now hold 7.3% of the market share, which is three points higher than the closest competitor.

    GSK has a collaboration agreement with Sanofi that works on inventing a COVID-19 vaccine. The partnership is part of a growing trend among pharmaceutical companies where they join forces to accelerate research, clinical testing and manufacturing capabilities in response to the crisis. Sanofi has already developed a COVID-19 antigen that GSK hopes to apply to its in-house DNA and adjuvant technology used to produce influenza vaccines. The collaboration also has the potential to reduce the time it takes to take the research to preliminary clinical trials. GSK is also licensing the adjuvant technology to other companies working on different vaccine prototypes such as Vir Biotechnology.

    Another promising area is its newest line of oncology drugs. Zeluja is used in the management of ovarian cancer, while belantamab mafodotin treats multiple myeloma. Meanwhile, Shingrix, which is used for immunization against shingles, has experienced growth in sales. Even Trelegy Ellipta for cardiovascular diseases and Juluca used to treat HIV, are doing well on the market. The company claims to have six more drugs that it will release later in the year. Analysts that been discussing with estimate that the healthcare sector is one of the safest investments during Covid-19 and least likely to attract short sellers.

     AT&T shares trading above $30 againAT&T shares trading above $30 again
    Thursday, 28 May 2020 12:12
    AT&T shares has been trading at below $30 for some time, but went up over 3% to reach $31.85 in Wednesday’s trading session. The company still seems to offer a average dividend yield of 7%. Currently, AT&T is enduring difficulties related to debt, but its investments in communication assets and technologies are likely to put it in a strong position when normal conditions resume.

    AT&T stock might be able to get a stimulus package from the Federal Government, at least that is what some investors expect right now. The company predicts that it is cash flow will remain close to $24 billion in spite of the harsh economic conditions. This is in addition to the $9 billion it retained after paying out $15 billion worth of dividends in the previous financial year.

    At the end of the First Quarter, company CEO Randall Stephenson confided that AT &T will continue with its expansion strategy by investing in broadband, 5G, and the highly anticipated HBO Max. He also expressed commitment to paying debts and maintaining good credit ratings. The company’s debt amounted to $154 billion at the end of March, but the management halted further acquisitions in the wake of the COVID 19 crisis. The company doesn’t seem to be at risk of default, as its fundamentals are solid. However, it might divest DirecTV due to pressure from investors who are keen to cut costs and reduce debt, reports. The proceeds from this sale will enable the company to expand its 5G network.

    AT &T plans to launch HBO Max, a video streaming service, on May 27 and service is expected to add new subscribers. Currently, HBO has 34 million subscribers, but the new service may attract foreign subscriptions.


     Takeda tries to minimise debt burdenTakeda tries to minimise debt burden
    Thursday, 28 May 2020 10:21
    Takeda recently announced plans to divest in its fully owned over-the-counter unit for around $3.7 billion. The decision is part of a wider plan to reduce its debt burden, which grew with the acquisition of Shire in 2019. The acquisition increased the company’s interest-bearing debt to over $46 billion, forcing the management to announce plans to shed off non-core units worth over $10 billion as a way of reducing the debt burden.
    Takeda has already divested $7.6 billion worth of assets after selling its Xiidra brand to Norvatis in 2019 for around $5.3 billion. It also plans to sell a section of its European business to the Orifarm Group for close to $670 million. Takeda shares initiated the 28th of May with a small increase of 0.6%. However, unless they manage to sell their healcare division, short sellers might be flocking to Takeda.

    The company is in discussions with financial institutions to look for a suitable buyer for Takeda Consumer Healthcare, which it values at 400 billion yen ($3.71 billion). Industry insiders have confided that Taisho Pharmaceuticals leads the list of potential buyers due to its dominance in the over-the-counter drugs. However, financial analysts are concerned that the COVID-19 pandemic has dampened investor interests in acquisitions.

    Takeda spun-off its consumer drugs subsidiary in 2016, allowing it to develop a line of strong brands that are popular in Japan, such as Benza Block and Alinamin vitamins. Nevertheless, the unit has struggled with lower profit margins than prescription medicine and a shrinking domestic market. Company executives feel that it is holding back growth in a very competitive industry. Henceforth, the company will focus on drugs for chronic diseases such as cancer, digestive disorders, rare conditions and conditions that affect the central nervous system.

    Meanwhile, in April 2020, Takeda recalled two lots of its Vonvendi brand in the US in response to safety concerns. Vonvendi is a clotting drug used during and after surgery. The two lots are TVA19005AA and TVA19005AB and have both met the regulatory requirements but the recall is just a cautionary measure to protect patients. The recalls are at the factory level, meaning that patients will still access them at the pharmacy.

     TM Records an 80% Profit Drop as Covid-19 Lower Car SalesTM Records an 80% Profit Drop as Covid-19 Lower Car Sales
    Wednesday, 27 May 2020 18:51
    The Toyota Motor Corp (ticker: TM) said that it’s expecting an 80% profit drop, due to the coronavirus impacts that have adversely affected the sale of cars. The industry’s expected damage highlights how the carmakers will struggle to recover from the pandemic’s effects, as different governments prohibit the movement of people. Although Toyota is one of the most profitable automakers, they expect a 1.5 trillion yen hit from a fall in car sales this year. However, they still expect to make an operating profit of around 500 billion yen.

    Toyota president Akio Toyoda said, “The virus has dealt us a bigger shock than the 2008 global financial crisis, and we anticipate a big drop in sales volume.” However, the company still hopes to be a leader in the country’s economic recovery. Despite the profit slump, the company can’t stop investing in the future, and they intend to use more than 1 trillion yen on capital expenditure and R&D investment. Toyota Shares rose almost 2% in the New York trading session on Wednesday.

     India's Tata Motor Introduces Safety Financing SchemeIndia’s Tata Motor Introduces Safety Financing Scheme
    Wednesday, 27 May 2020 18:28
    Tata Motor shares are trading up almost 2.8% on Wednesday afternoon in New York, following some good news.

    The Tata motor company has come up with a new financial scheme to provide secure and affordable loans, especially for the frontline covid19 worriers. The coronavirus lockdown has affected numerous industries, including the automotive, and the car makers have developed creative ways to increase sales. With Tata motor’s key to safety initiative, a customer can purchase a Tata Tiago with an EMI plan that starts at Rs 5,000 monthly for six months.
    They are also availing a maximum of Rs 5 Lakh loan with five years’ tenure, but the customers can pay the RS90, 000 EMI in a lump sum.

    One can also return the car to the company in case of any payment difficulty. Tata motors offer benefits worth RS 45,000 on Tiago, Harrier, Tigor, and XUV range of cars for police officials and health workers. The company has started operations in various parts of the country with different operation procedures, including an online virtual discussion on Tata’s click to drive platform.

     Honda Profits Shrink to Four Years Low Due to the PandemicHonda Profits Shrink to Four Years Low Due to the Pandemic
    Wednesday, 27 May 2020 18:03
    Honda Motor shares are surprisingly rising 2% today. Japanese biggest automaker, Honda, is struggling with the coronavirus effects, which have affected the global demand for vehicles drastically. The company has thus recorded and posted the lowest operating profit in four years. It has also refrained from posting further earning outlook due to the uncertainty of the pandemic’s long-term effects. According to the company’s executive vice president Seiji Kuraishi, “It’s difficult to calculate the reasonable impact of covid 19, and we will release the forecast when we can”. The company has recorded an operating profit cut of 130 billion yen due to the coronavirus.

    Some analysts still believe that vehicle sales could even shrink further by a third amid the global financial crisis.Honda Motor, along with other global automakers, faces weak demand due to
    the high number of job losses and economic downturn, which adversely affects consumer spending. They are also struggling to cope with the supply chain disruptions due to the strict social distancing measures that could limit more output in the coming months.

    Honda Accord and Hong Insight are two of their latest electrified cars, while Honda Clarity is a plug-in hybrid and the CR-V is a standard hybrid. They also have one Clarity model made by fuel sells. See the real time share price of Honda Motor here.

     Trump Threatens The Freedom of The BirdTrump Threatens The Freedom of The Bird
    Wednesday, 27 May 2020 15:31
    Twitter shares might be in trouble if the president gets through his will. TWTR is already down 4.7% after worries from investors and speculators, that it will be a harsh summer. The freedom for the famous little bird could be in jeopardy. Alternatively, if doing modern short selling it could be a good thing.

    Truth is that Trump been caught in over 16 000+ lies during his 3 first year as president. When Twitter put the warning text below some of his tweets, Trump felt humiliated. He is now threatening to either shut down some selected social media platforms, or at least try to increase the regulation of what and how they may write, writes TechCrunch.

    The fact check tags appearing below some of Trump’s tweets implies that you should do a fact check of what is being said. This is all in agreement with Twitter’s previously rolled-out rules on fact checking a few months ago.

     GM Delays Resumption of 2nd Shifts at US Truck PlantsGM Delays Resumption of 2nd Shifts at US Truck Plants
    Wednesday, 27 May 2020 12:17
    General Motors Co is set to hold up second shifts in their plants in Michigan, India, and Mexico due to a shortage of parts from the US Southern neighborhood. The news comes in shortly after the company resumed operations after shutting down in March due to the coronavirus pandemic. Mexico auto parts production also recommenced work recently, thus the delay at the plant.

    The company plans to open a second shift in the Lansing Delta township plant only, but its targeting resumption to the other plants later. In response to the delayed operations, the company’s spokesman said that “the demand for our full size picks has been strong, and we are certainly exploring ways to add our production, and we will do that when it makes sense”. The General motor suppliers also received updates that the company plans to resume three-shift production in the Fort Wayne plant and others by June 1st. General Motors shares are trading up 0.7% today.

     Ferrari Cuts its 2020 Core Profit Forecast Owing to Covid-19Ferrari Cuts its 2020 Core Profit Forecast Owing to Covid-19
    Tuesday, 26 May 2020 22:16
    The luxury car making company, Ferrari, reported stable earnings in the first quarter of the year, but the current quarter seems to shape up wrongly. Therefore, they predict that the second quarter will be a harsh one, generating lower revenue, which has affected the profit forecast for the entire year. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, in mid-march, the company shut down its two factories located in North Italy, a hard-hit region. Ferrari reopened its two factories on May 4th but expects the revenue from formula one to be lower than that of 2019.

    Ferrari SF90

    Car sales have plunged across the world due to strict coronavirus containment measures that have forced the closure of showrooms and have shut the production lines. The anticipated profit slash for Ferrari is due to the suspended races, reduced turnover from brand projects, and lower engine shipment, especially to Maserati. Some sports may occur without spectators, which will further reduce the revenue paid to teams, including Ferrari. According to Chief Executive Louis Camilleri, Second Quarter will be very weak. The company will have to make adjustments on amortisation, tax, depreciation, and earnings before interest. It’s likely to lead more short sellers into Ferrari’s shares.

    But if you still got the cash, you might be interested in the new hybrid model called Ferrari SF90 Stradale. The hybrid engine got 986 horsepowers, consume 6 liter of petrol for 100 km, makes 0-100 km/h in 2.5 sec and will cost between €500 000 to 600 000 when it’s released later this year.

     Short seller clap their hands, the world holding it's breathShort seller clap their hands, the world holding it’s breath
    Tuesday, 26 May 2020 22:06
    While Chinese media try to play down the US talks of Hong Kong related sanctions that recently emerged from the White House.

    Meanwhile, China demand that US tech sanctions ease, or they would likely retaliate. A grim outlook for the world could be reality soon, if a cold war will be started by Trump. In combination with the second wave of Covid-19, the world economy could sink quicker than ever before, many short sellers predict, and could take longer to turn around.

    Among the positive news are the recent short sellers bans lifted. In fact, many shorting entusiasts clap their hands now and are ready for some real action. It’s possible to go back into the market that’s been rising too quick since the lows in March, says one entusiast. Read our review about Skilling and see the opportunities right in front of you today. You can go either short or long – depending on your preferences.

     Ford is Paying Some Suppliers EarlyFord is Paying Some Suppliers Early
    Tuesday, 26 May 2020 17:03
    The Ford motor company has come up with an early payment program intended to help out their cash-strapped suppliers pay their bills and keep their operations afloat. The company set aside ample cash in reserve several years ago to help them out during economic turndown. Ford reopened most of its factories in the USA after the two months shut down due to the coronavirus pandemic. The cessation adversely affected the company’s operations, imposing around $10 billion loss, though they still seem unshaken, since it has enough money to ensure that the factory survives. Ford shares are trading up 2.3% for the day. The company is up almost 50% up since the 23rd of March, 2020.

    They have, therefore, come up with a new program aimed at supporting their suppliers. They are now working on a few companies that supply them with critical parts across their US factories, but they plan to expand the program to its entire supply base later. Jennifer Flakes, Ford’s spokesperson, said that although the program is still new and limited, they are working on its growth. The company has also added its cash reserves by drawing down the credit lines and selling other new bonds.


     More Apple Stores Open, While Lowering PricesMore Apple Stores Open, While Lowering Prices
    Monday, 25 May 2020 22:07
    Memorial Day in United States seems to lower prices for some airpods and even the Apple watches are almost 12% off. It may be a way to get some business back after several weeks or even months closure in some parts of the world. An increasing amount of Apple stores are opening up, including all in Australia, Austria and Hong Kong, while Japan and US quickly open up multiple stores every week. In the UK, all stores are still closed. Same is true for Netherlands, Belgium, Brazil, France, Spain and UAE.

    Apple shares closed just 1% below all time high on Friday. The US stock market is back for trading tomorrow Tuesday the 25th of May, 2020. The median 1 year estimate for Apple is $320 per share among analysts. The successful trader Stanko see Apple as one of 5 potential short selling nominees this summer. What do you think? If you like to go long or short in AAPL, use Skilling’s plattform now!

     Tilray's CEO predicts Chapter 11 for 12+ Cannabis companiesTilray’s CEO predicts Chapter 11 for 12+ Cannabis companies
    Sunday, 24 May 2020 20:28
    Tilray’s CEO, Brendan Kennedy, told analysts that he predicts Chapter 11 or insolvency for at least 12+ cannabis stocks in the coming year. Margins are rather tight and there are simply too many stock listed CBD businesses around. Following the start of Covid-19, raising money are harder than a decade ago and a lot of listed cannabis firms with poor results and red numbers might go bankrupt.

    Tilray themselves raised $90.4 million in March 2020, in order to secure funding for the near future. However, the result for the 1st quarter was minus $112.1. So we are not confident that it will be easy to raise capital in the second half of 2020 or in 2021 for that matter. It’s also very unlikely that the U.S or Canadian governments are going to give any support to listed cannabis companies.

     Zoombies, Hong Hong and increased unemployment Zoombies, Hong Hong and increased unemployment
    Thursday, 21 May 2020 19:33
    Bloomberg are currently warning and discussing Zoombie companies on the US stock exchange.

    Meanwhile, Hong Kong seems to get a new national security law, that criminalise foreign interference, together with separatist activities. The new law might be China’s new tool to handle political dissent.

    Unsurprisingly, unemployment is on the rise. 38.6 million American citizens filed for unemployment benefits since March, 2020. In Scandinavia, Norwegians now believe that lack of work are the biggest challenges for the country going forward.

    In Spain, the socialist government will give out a basic income of €462 per month to single parent households, along with others in need of a safety net.

     A Brazilian Plant Fiat Chrysler Resumes ProductionA Brazilian Plant Fiat Chrysler Resumes Production
    Thursday, 21 May 2020 16:52
    The Brazilian unit of Fiat Chrysler automobile subjects all its employees to mandatory health check every morning. It has implemented the measure to help mitigate the spread of coronavirus in the country. Although there is less demand for cars, the plant cautiously restarted production, with fewer workers to help keep them apart. Additionally, most employees from the company get to work using the company buses that operate half full based on the social distancing rules. Fiat Chrysler shares traded up 4.1% at 6 PM (GMT) on the 21th of May, 2020.

    Also, only 65% of their workers work from the factory as the rest are working from home or on leave. The company monitors the employees’ temperature, and anyone with above 37.5 degrees Celsius proceeds directly to a health facility, Reuters report. According to Bastos, “at the factory, we have a system to control all employees’ temperature”. He also added that if any worker tests positive, they deeply clean all the areas he worked from and trace any interactions with other workers. So far, the company hasn’t recorded any coronavirus related case.

     Price hikes at hairdressers & for coffeePrice hikes at hairdressers & for coffee
    Wednesday, 20 May 2020 11:20
    How should businesses that been shut down for months recover? In Italy, many are seeing a radical increase in coffee prices. Some consumers report that a cup of coffee now cost €2 in central Milan, compared to €1.3 before the lockdown. Meanwhile in Rome, several hairdressers are increasing prices up to 25% in order to recover some of the losses from Covid-19. Are the recently adjusted prices heavily overdue? Alternatively, will the money in your pockets last a shorter time after Covid-19? Financial Times discuss that topic about why inflation might follow the pandemic. If you believe in a further downturn for MIB30 (the italian stock index), you can go short or long with Skilling.


     Uber layoffs reach 6700 employeesUber layoffs reach 6700 employees
    Tuesday, 19 May 2020 15:21
    Uber today announce they are laying off another 3000 employees today, in addition to 3700 the 3rd of May, 2020. That makes Ubers total lay offs reaching 6700 workers just in May. Uber’s redundancies will mainly happen for customer service staff and the recruitment teams. 40 of their worldwide offices are also going to be shut down in the near future. The ousted co-founder Travis-Kalanick are reported to have bought a $43M Bel Air Mansion in between the two rounds of layoffs.

    Following Covid-19, many passengers seems scared to ride with Uber, myself included. Why take an extra risk if you don’t have to? Now, I either walk or take my own car instead of sitting in a small space with a potentially infected Uber driver. However, we hope that many passengers still support Uber and keep hand gel in their pockets, a mask on – and start using the services. In an effort to perhaps distract shareholders from the temporary and significant lower passenger volumes, Uber bought GrubHub for $4.5 billion paid in shares last week. Uber spent several years creating Uber Eats, but this might be a way to grow the food delivery business and get more know-how into the company. Time will tell if it’s a good purchase. A total of 37 analysts forecast a median price of $33.8 per Uber share. The most positive forecast an Uber share price of $58, while the most negative estimate that Uber shares will go down to $15 within a years time.

     Apple Remove Guidance: Why Is That? Apple Remove Guidance: Why Is That?
    Tuesday, 19 May 2020 14:35
    Apple (AAPL) is trading 0.8% up today at 317.96 and is currently valued at around 25x earnings. What might worry some analysts and investors are the fact that Apple removed most of the guidance for Apple shares. But why did Apple remove the guidance for Q3, 2020? According to the company’s CEO, Tim Cook, it’s because of “the lack of visibility and certainty in the near term”. Some analysts covering Apple shares might find that to be sensible, since the price of the shares might either go up or down considerably in the near future. Others might believe that it’s a way of avoiding the fact that outlooks are very negative and Apple are not able to tell that to the stock market in a simply and trustworthy way, without getting the share price to go down. Are we reaching the top soon for Apple?

    Personally, I’ve been waiting to buy a new Apple mobile for 2.5 years, but recently got a iPhone 11 Pro Max after the lockdown was over. Will many other do the same and keep buying Apple products? Or will most simply stay with their old products for longer?

     Tesla's potential competitor shut operationsTesla’s potential competitor shut operations
    Tuesday, 19 May 2020 14:16
    One of the United Kingdom’s richest, James Dyson and family, with a net worth of £16.2 billion, just decided to shut down the competition with Tesla. After spending 767 million on developing a superior EV-SUV with 600 miles range, the vacuum cleaner family decided to scrap the N526 project. The decision to shut operations is due to poor profit margins, which mr Dyson believe is to the advantage of major car manufacturers such as the German giants BMW, Mercedes and Audi. Today Tesla announced they will rise the price with around $1000 on the self-driving option for their electric vehicles. Elon Musk says that the price will continue to rise as the technology advance. Short Selling estimate that rising costs might be due to increase margins for Tesla, or that some spare parts have gone more expensive after Covid-19. Tesla shares are trading at 810 dollar per share, 0.6% down 50 minutes after opening. That is still only 6.25% from all time high for Tesla.

    The 1st of May, 2020, Elon Musk said that that Tesla stock price is too high. That particular day, TSLA closed the trading day at 720 dollar per share.

    The current analyst recommendations about Tesla range from 8 buy ratings, 14 hold, 2 underweight and 8 sell recommendations.

     Warren Buffett Sells Goldman Sachs for $1.4 billionWarren Buffett Sells Goldman Sachs for $1.4 billion
    Tuesday, 19 May 2020 12:09
    Berkshire Hathaway and their most reputable owner, Warren Buffet, has made over $1 billion in return from Goldman Sachs shares over the last 12 years. Now, he calls it a day. Since one of the world’s most well known value investors never goes short, all they can do is sell. Berkshire Hathaway decided to sell 84% of their stake in Goldman Sachs in Q1, 2020. We see it rather similar to going short in Goldman Sachs, the reputable investment bank. Why? Warren Buffett usually love the banking sector and have historical held large chunks in many banks. Now, he probably realise that the risk is way higher than the potential rewards going forward. The margins for the banking sector are shrinking, while less customers rely on private banking. If you would like to go either long or short in Goldman Sachs, Skilling offers super quick order execution and very transparent pricing for CFDs. Try them now!

     Niu Technology Announces 2020 First-quarter Financial ResultNiu Technology Announces 2020 First-quarter Financial Result
    Monday, 18 May 2020 19:30
    The leading provider of smart mobility solutions finally announced its first-quarter financial and operational highlights. They recorded 232.9 million a 34.4% decrease year over year, an increase in gross margin from 21.3% to 23.6%. The company also recorded RMB 26.4 million net losses compared to last years’ RMB 12.0Million net income. The adjusted net loss is 18.6 million compared with the adjusted net income of RMB 14.6Million in the previous year.

    The number of scooters sold was 40,160; those sold in China reached 34, 316, and 5, 844 in international markets. The company is also executing its plans to address the coronavirus impacts and has begun recovery across various areas. NIU expects the second-quarter revenue to range from RMB 585 Million to 665 RMB Million, though its subject to change due to the uncertainties related to Covid 19.

     Passengers on SAS Flights Must Wear Face MasksPassengers on SAS Flights Must Wear Face Masks
    Thursday, 14 May 2020 21:22
    The Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) today announced that all passengers over 6 years old must wear a face masks during the entire flight, starting from 18th of May until 21st of August, 2020. People that doesn’t feel well or experience any kind of symptoms of Covid-19 infection, will be denied boarding. The measures are aimed to prevent the spread of coronavirus together with clean and dry air onboard makes flying a secure means of transportation. EU plan to seeks to loosen up most border controls in a matching way, all over European Union, just in time for the summer holiday season.

    Greece seems to be first out with efficient measures, testing everyone arriving at ATH airport. Everyone arriving in Athans are tested with a throat swab, just after getting off the plane. It’s expected that such measures will loosen gradually, since it will be complicated to handle 1000’s of new visitors that way. Sas is one of many affected airlines and the share price gone from 20 SEK to 8.8 SEK yesterday.

     Expedia Group, Inc. Stock Prices Expected to Gain GroundExpedia Group, Inc. Stock Prices Expected to Gain Ground
    Thursday, 14 May 2020 16:19
    Expedia share price is getting another hit today. Expedia shares are down almost 4% after the opening bell allow trading again. Expedia Group, Inc. made official its earnings report for Q1 of 2020 on 13th May after the closing bell. Analysts were quick to point out the company would report a loss of around $1.29 for each share on the $2.15 billion revenue earned in the first quarter. This consensus noted a decline of 22% compared to the earnings report released in Q4 of 2019.

    The decline in Q1 earnings is mainly attributed to the coronavirus pandemic which has spawned a major problem in hotel occupancy and air travel. While this may be the case, reports indicate Expedia Group, Inc. had been experiencing a turbulent time even prior to the pandemic. Reportedly, the travel group had a rough time trying to meet estimates issued on Wall Street.

    Its problems are mainly attributed to clients walking away from the group, instead opting to make reservations directly from car rental, hotel, and airline websites. Most customers believed they would get better deals if they dealt directly with the service providers, as opposed to using the travel group. However, frequent travellers know that Expedia brands such as gives 1 bonus night after staying 10 nights at a hotel when bookings been made through the official website.

     Icahn going short in CMBS, Commercial Mortgage Bonds ETFsIcahn going short in CMBS, Commercial Mortgage Bonds ETFs
    Thursday, 14 May 2020 10:46
    The billionaire investor Carl Icahn is going short in CMBS ETF’s – commercial mortgage bonds. This is by far his current largest shorting position. Why is that? Well, he explains to CNBC that shopping mall bonds are in heavy danger. Mr Icahn makes an analogy with selling insurance to someone who’s going to be in the electric chair in a few months.

    In another interview, Icahn says to Bloomberg that he is shorting commercial real estate through CMBS and prepare for Covid-19 to bring more chaos to the markets.

     Uber Approaches Grubhub with a Takeover OfferUber Approaches Grubhub with a Takeover Offer
    Tuesday, 12 May 2020 18:49
    Uber Technologies shares rose following their latest acquisition plans. Uberis a globally extensive company that has transformed the meal delivery and ride-sharing markets. The demand for food delivery in the United States has grown with the current stay at home directives. Uber is looking forward to buying the online food delivery company, Grubhub to keep up with the high demand. The deal could give uber a boost since coronavirus has disrupted the company’s core business of ferrying people from place to place. Deliberations are ongoing, and the talks could fall through. All depends on which deal Uber offer in the end, assume.

    Based on Grubhub’s statement, “the consolidation could make sense in our industry, and just like any other responsible company, we are always looking for value-adding opportunities.” According to Uber, “our company is always looking forward to providing more value to our customers across all the businesses we operate.” Uber is continually creeping into the grocery sector with the Uber Direct program. They hope that the potential acquisition will give UBER a competitive edge against competitors seeking to gain similar market shares. Still, Uber shares are rather high valued and riders around Europe are quickly changing their travel habits. Perhaps Uber might be a great short selling opportunity after all? Alternatively, if you predict the market will quickly resume for them, perhaps it’s time to buy?

     Booking Holdings, Inc. Misses Projected Q1 EarningsBooking Holdings, Inc. Misses Projected Q1 Earnings
    Friday, 8 May 2020 16:15
    Booking shares continue to drop around 2% in early trading on May the 7th. Booking Holdings, Inc. released its Q1 earnings for 2020 on May 7th, and reported non-GAAP earnings of $3.77 for each share. The earnings reported this year missed the Zacks Consensus Estimate by around 25.9%. Additionally, the company experienced a decline of 66.2% and 83.8% Y/Y (year over year) & sequentially respectively.
    Incomes of $2.29 billion exceeded the Consensus Estimate by close to 3.9%. On the other hand, there was a reduction of 17% on a constant currency basis and 19% on a reported basis. Additionally, its top line reduced by 31.5% from Q4 of 2019.
    COVID-19 (coronavirus) global pandemic continued to act as the company’s biggest headwind for Q1. The pandemic brought about economic lockdowns which greatly impacted its ability to successfully run its operations.
    The social distancing caused by the coronavirus which became rampant in the 1st quarter also led to a surge in bookings cancellations, especially from the period after mid-March. Advertising, agency, and other businesses all displayed a weakened ability to perform in the period in question. The worst part is probably still not over yet for Booking Holdings, that are facing a troublesome summer in 2020.

     Death or heaven for Tesla? Death or heaven for Tesla?
    Wednesday, 15 April 2020 12:16
    Technical analysts and an analyst from the investment bank Goldman Sachs have widely different opinions about Tesla’s current valuation.
    Technical analysis of Tesla in April, 2020 by Nate Bergey

    Nate Bergey that rely on technical analysis for his investments believe that Tesla is about to enter the corrective wave, where the stock goes down. The first major support might be in the $250 range according to Nate.

    Meanwhile, the analyst Mark Delaney from Goldman Sachs increased the rating to buy with a target price of $864. He claims to be positive on Tesla because the company got an important product lead in EVs, a market where Goldman Sachs expect long-term secular growth.

     Block Monday: Pricing disabled for some US-IndicesBlock Monday: Pricing disabled for some US-Indices
    Monday, 9 March 2020 12:24
    Pricing for futures and forward have been disabled for S&P 500, Nasdaq 100, Dow Jones since futures exchange rules that limit declines of over 5%. However, you can still get prices for almost all CFD’s on Skilling. Check them out today or get started with shorting CFD’s now!

     GSK afraid profits might fall due to R&D spendingGSK afraid profits might fall due to R&D spending
    Wednesday, 5 February 2020 18:50
    The British drugmaker are now considering selling assets in order to assist with extra costs from R&D spending in the near future. They estimate that earnings could fall 4% in 2020 due to increased spending on research and development. Follow the live GSK share price here.

     Welcome to Shortselling.comWelcome to
    Friday, 20 September 2019 21:07
    Welcome to the recently launched new website, completely dedicated to Short Selling stocks and shares through CFDs. We review brokers and give you insight in the most popular instruments to short.