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At these pages we will present a variety of finance related guides and articles, primarily focused on short selling.

There are almost new things to learn, not the least about finance related strategies or for beginners how to make your first trade with a short position.

Articles for beginners

The topics below are mostly targeted to beginners and the articles for experts and more advanced traders are listed in the next section.

  • What is a play money or demo account?
  • What is a real money trading account?
  • How do I place my first short position?
  • What is the difference between short and long positions?
  • Learn all about short selling and how to go short in a stock or any other instrument.
  • What are CFDs?
  • How to do short selling with CFDs?
  • Can I short currencies, commodities or even cryptos?
  • What does a bull or bear market mean?
  • Can I day trade only by shorting stocks?

    Deep level finance articles

    Dig deep into statistics and analysis of stocks in the articles below.

  • Which are the most shorted stocks ever?
  • What company in the world has the most number of short positions open right now?
  • What are the main technical indicators of a bear market?
  • What does the analysts say about the next upcoming financial havoc?